Vianti Falls Stainless Channel Scupper by Easy Pro


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Vianti Falls Stainless Channel Scupper by Easy Pro

SWS3RN Vianti Falls Stainless Channel Scuppers are the perfect addition to any water feature. The low volume of water that pours from these spouts creates a breathtaking cascade effect, adding beauty and elegance to your outdoor space. Make sure to check out SWS3RN’s selection of Vianti Falls stainless pouring scuppers to bring the perfect splash of style to your garden.


  • Round wall scupper with round plate
  • Electropolished for extra protection in pools and other chlorinated systems
  • Includes bonding lugs
  • 2∪ diameter by 8∪ long
  • 1∪ fpt inlet
  • 3 1/2∪ diameter round trim plate
  • Made in the USA


Dimensions 3″ x 2″ x 11″ Long
Inlet 1 FPT Inlet
Recommended Flow Rate 5 – 10 GPM



EasyPro Stainless Wall Spout Manual


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