Scott Aerator Bubble Pro Max Sub-Surface Aerator


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Bubble Pro Max Sub-Surface Aerator by Scott

Adding a sub-surface aeration system is like giving your pond the breath of life! This style of aerator pumps much-needed oxygen to the bottom of your pond while maintaining its natural beauty. The Bubble Pro Max comes with all the goodies you need to get set up and running – three diffusers, 100-foot weighted tubing, a 1/2-hp rocking piston compressor, valves for individual hose controls, and more. And not only does it help keep water quality high during hot summer days – it also doubles as a pond de-icer! So breathe easy knowing that your pond has everything it needs to stay healthy and happy. With a two-year warranty on the motor and a five-year warranty on tubing and diffusers – the Bubble Pro is always ready to help give your pond a breath of fresh air!

If you’re looking for a reliable way to keep your water quality high no matter what the season, the Bubble Pro Max is a perfect choice. So don’t delay – get your sub-surface aeration system today!

Coverage Area

  • 3/4 acre at 5 ?to 8-foot ?pond depth
  • 1-1/2 acres at 9 ?to 12-foot ?pond depth
  • 3 acres at 13 ?to 16-foot ?pond depth


Don’t forget to add the ?Weatherproof Compressor Enclosure ?before checkout.

scott aerator company weatherproof compressor enclosure

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Scott Aerator Bubble Pro Max Sub-Surface Pond Aeration System Instruction Manual


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