Green Touch Industries Xtreme Pro Series 3 Position Line Trimmer Rack (5 Pack)


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After a hard day’s work of trimming your garden or field, you’ll want somewhere to store your line trimmers. Cut down those concerns and beef up your security with this 5-pack of Green Touch Industries’ 3-Position Line Trimmer Racks.

Each rack comes with 3 holders that secure your line trimmers in place and protect them from miscellaneous dangers. Equipped with an automated spring-loaded 1-lock system, these racks are easy to lock up in a single simultaneous motion. The racks’ high-security key-based padlock is sure to deter property theft. The tightly concealed holder keeping your equipment safely attached makes fuel spills, engine flooding, and leakage a thing of the past. The racks themselves won’t wear down from outdoor elements, given a powder-coated finish that prevents fading, and a similarly strong vinyl-coated handle. Each model includes aluminum mounting blocks and associated mounting hardware for open and closed trailers, setting you up for easy assembly.

Don’t skim out on keeping your equipment safely locked up. Prevent the risk of any damage to your line trimmers with this 5-pack of 3-Position Line Trimmer Racks from Green Touch Industries.

  • 5-pack of 3-position racks securely holds and protects your trimmers from wear and tear, leakage, or theft
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel lock keeps your equipment safe
  • Zero thumb latch design allows for quick and convenient use
  • Powder coating finish prevents fading and a vinyl-coated handle secures the trimmer
  • Eliminates fuel spills, engine flooding, and shaft wear with tight equipment concealment
  • Automated spring-loaded actuator mechanism locks all equipment simultaneously
  • Applicable to all commercial trimmer makes and models
  • Easy assembly with no loose components
  • Includes aluminum mounting blocks for open and closed trailers, mounting hardware, key-based padlock, and heavy-duty bolt-on vinyl-coated engine support kits
  • Rack Height: 40.13 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 6-month warranty
  • Quantity: 5


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