FROG Leap? Anti-Bac Mineral Pac? for Pools


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The FROG Leap? pool sanitizing system uses a combination of minerals and a LOW level of chlorine that creates Fresh Mineral Water?. The FROG Leap? Anti-Bac Mineral Pac? is inserted inside the?Infuzer? and dispenses?minerals that continually replenish themselves to destroy bacteria all summer long.

  • Holds the minerals and fits inside the FROG Leap??Infuzer?
  • Contains EPA approved mineral formula
  • This?mineral disinfectant helps chlorine last twice as long
  • Pre-filled pac so no more touching or measuring out chemicals
  • FROG Leap? Anti-Bac Mineral Pac? must be replaced every six months, or after one pool season (whichever is shorter)
  • Also keeps pool water pH-balanced by acting as a neutralizer
  • Anti-Bac makes the water feel softer without the problems associated with chlorine like: faded swimsuits, premature damage to pool equipment and smelly odors
  • Model #01-12-7822

Download the Manual Here

Our FROG Leap? Anti-Bac Mineral Pac? can be used with the New FROG Leap Infuzer??AND the old Pool FROG Cycler System.

This product is considered a “hazardous material,” is air-restricted and cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.


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