Dirt Demon Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner


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The Dirt Demon Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner is the finest filter-assisted pool cleaner on the market. Please note that as the Dirt Demon is a filter-assisted cleaner, it is a direct extension of your filter. The cleaner’s performance is directly related to your filter’s performance, therefore the better your filter is operating, the better the vacuum will work.

  • Above ground pool cleaner
  • Includes hose for up to 24′ pool
  • Specially designed tangle free hose
  • Hose separates into 4′ sections for easy storage
  • Easy to hook up and easy to operate
  • Includes everything you need to vacuum your pool automatically
  • Will skip across the bottom of the pool picking up all dirt and small debris in no time
  • Simply attach the hose to your existing skimmer intake?and?your filter system and vacuum will do the rest


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