Atlantic Complete Shallow Water Aeration System TPS200S


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Atlantic Complete Shallow Water Aeration System TPS200S

For ponds and lakes to thrive, they need to breathe – they need aeration. Providing adequate aeration throughout the year will prevent buildup of organic sludge and excessive weed growth, eliminate low oxygen and stratification.

Kit Features

  • Includes Typhoon Linear Piston Shallow Water Compressor
  • Easily adjusted locking manifold assemblies provide flow control to multiple Diffuser systems
  • Heavy-duty Cabinets secure and protect components while muffling the sound of compressors
  • Atlantic’s Cabinets have a reinforced lockable lid and sturdy hinges with vandal resistant screws for secure installation
  • Double walled for noise insulation and durability
  • Integrated cooling fan keeps components from overheating under the harshest conditions
  • Filtered air intake protects the compressor from dust and debris

typhoon aeration system schematic atlantic water gardens courtesy of kinetic water features


    Item 73970
    Model TPS200S
    Volts 115
    Amps 0.9
    Watts 112 Watts
    Max CFM 3.9
    Max LPM 110
    Coverage Area Up to 0.25 surface acre
    Coverage Area @2 Feet 0.125 acre
    Coverage Area @4 Feet 0.166 acre
    Coverage Area @6 Feet 0.25 acre
    Pond Depth Ponds up to 6′ deep
    Warranty 2-year



    • TPS200C Cabinet Assembly
    • 2-Outlet Manifold
    • Linear Piston Compressor
    • (2) TPT38100 Weighted Tubing
    • (2) TPSDIF Shallow Water Diffusers

    atlantic water gardens typhoon diffuser features courtesy of kinetic water features



    Atlantic Water Gardens Deep Water Aeration Typhoon Pond And Lake Owners Manual


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