Anjon 36″ Acrylic LED Spillway – ANF36CC


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Anjon 36″ Acrylic LED Spillway – ANF36CC

Anjon Manufacturing’s NiteFalls waterfall spillways are used in wet wall, formal waterfall applications where debris is at a minimum. They are not recommended for fish ponds where water-borne debris such as fish waste and algae may clog the spillway. If you want to add an Acrylic NiteFalls Lighted Spillway to an existing Koi pond or water garden we strongly recommend you consider extra filtration like an external pressure filter.

Please note the 1.25″FIPT inlet is on the bottom of the unit. You will need to have a gap for it in your installation. NiteFalls waterfall spillways from Anjon Manufacturing are available in five different options to fit your needs and are sure to create a dramatic waterfall for your water feature. With a shimmering clear arc of water, Anjon NiteFalls spillways are a captivating addition to any Koi pond, water garden, retaining wall, pool, or spa. When determining which waterfall spillway will work best for your project, length is an essential feature to consider. By looking at the wattage of the lights and the weight of the spillway, you can further narrow down the best waterfall spillway for your pond! ENJOY YOUR WATER FEATURE!


Model ANF36CC


36″ Lighted Spillway




8 Color Options


Flash, Jump, Fade, Blend


Variable, Slow to Fast

Waterfall Width:

36″ Spillway


36″ W x 8″ D x 3.5″ H

Pump Flow Rate:

2,000 GPH




9 Watts


1 Year



All Acrylic Color Changing Spillways include the spillway and a remote. You can connect multiple spillways to run off a single remote or one Wi-Fi Controller, which ties to your smartphone by using RF to RGB Adapters(sold separately). Controlling your spillways in unison will showcase a gorgeous lighting display for any occasion!



By adding a Wi-Fi Controller to your color-changing spillway, you can create captivating light displays; even have your lights dance to your favorite playlist. You can even have the light display move to the microphone on your device! Along with dancing to the music, your color-changing lights can match a picture of any color. With all of these features, you are sure to showcase a fantastic display!


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