Airhead Super Mable Triple Rider Lake Towable Tube Lake Raft w/ 11 Booster Balls


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Letting you speed across the lake in style, the Super Mable Towable Rider and 11 Booster Balls brings high-velocity thrills to your favorite watering hole.

Built for 1 to 3 riders, the classic towable impresses friends and family with a variety of riding options. Dual tow points allow you to ride normally facing forward or take an adrenaline-pumping backwards-facing ride behind the boat. Featuring comfortable EVA foam seating pads and double webbing foam handles, the towable ensures you can hold on safely as you race across the water. Cushioned side walls hold riders in for extra safety.

11 inflatable buoys help hold the towable rider’s tow rope stay out of the water, enhancing the rider’s performance and keeping the rope visible. The water sport accessory reduces drag for enhanced fuel economy and reduces stress on both the tube and cover for long-lasting use. Great for low transom tow points, the buoy ball minimizes rope spray and is less likely to get caught up in a water or boat wake, even while turning.

Amp up your tubing game while you’re riding the waves with the Super Mable Towable Rider and 11 Booster Balls.

  • Lake rider towable bundle features the Super Mable Towable Rider and 11 Booster Balls
  • Towable tube accommodates up to 3 riders and features a backrest for support while riding or lounging
  • Riders can choose to sit or kneel for an optimal water adventure
  • Enhances the performance of all 1 to 4-person Doables and most regular towables; Great for low transom tow points
  • Reduces drag and acts like a shock absorber, enhancing fuel economy
  • Airhead Super Mable Triple Rider Lake Towable Tube 3-Person Lake Raft, Orange features:
  • Comfy EVA foam padding makes the ride smooth and enjoyable
  • Dual tow points (front and back) allow for multiple riding options
  • Entire tube is covered with double-stitched nylon to ensure years of use
  • Multiple grab handles provide customized hold and comfort
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • Inflated dimensions (L x W): 75 inches x 73 inches
  • Deflated dimensions (L x W) 79 inches x 78 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Part number: 53-2223
  • Quantity: 1
  • SPORTSSTUFF Inflatable 4K Booster Ball Towing System for Doables and Towables features:
  • Provides less stress on tube and cover and reduces rope spray
  • High visibility of tow rope in the water
  • Less likely to get caught in water or boat wake, especially in turns
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder, exclusive patented speed safety valve, and self-bailing drain vent
  • 840 Denier full nylon cover with zipper; Double stitching and reinforced stress points
  • Tough 2-inch webbing and 4,100-pound break strength
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Deflated ball dimensions (L x W): 38 x 27 inches
  • Dimensions (L): 60 feet (including Booster Ball)
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Part number: 53-2030
  • Quantity: 11


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