24″ Floating Fountain Head w/ Wide Umbrella Nozzle


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24″ Floating Fountain Head w/ Wide Umbrella Nozzle by Easy Pro

This Fountain Head is an inexpensive way to add a floating fountain to your pond. Just add an adequately sized pump and hose to connect to the Easypro Fountain Head. It comes in a choice of fountain nozzle patterns. The nozzles ?are ?interchangeable and are sold separately so you may change your floating fountain to different patterns if desired.

This Easypro Fountain Head includes a Wide Umbrella Nozzle pattern.

  • Build your own fountain by simply hooking a pump to this floating fountain head
  • Ideal for use with an existing lawn sprinkling or submersible pump
  • Inlet connection has 2″ female threads
  • The spray nozzle threads on/off for easy cleaning
  • The fountain head float has a 24″ diameter. It is made from high-density foam and has a decorative float cover.


Spray Pattern GPM / GPH FT. of Head
4′ h x 15’d 62 / 3720 11′
6′ h x 20’d 77 / 4620 14′
8′ h x 24’d 82 / 4920 19′

?Ft. of Head column is the amount of head pressure the nozzle requires. ?

Note: Fountain will not perform properly without adequate pressure. Use the table above to determine if your pump has the required pressure to operate the fountain. Please contact us for advice if you have any questions.


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